"Nellie Fullerton is a caring, competent, loving woman who took care of our infant son after we brought him home from the hospital. She treated him with love and cared for him as if he were her own child. Her knowledge is impressive and broad- including medicine, nutrition, and postpartum and pediatric care. Nellie's spirit is unflagging and attitude positive even when she has had negligible sleep. She imparts her knowledge in a helpful, gentle manner and is sensitive to new parents' needs and wishes. Any family would be lucky to have Nellie in their life!"


"When people ask me my opinion of Nellie, I simply tell them, "I wouldn't have a baby without Nellie." Nellie was there for the first month of both of my sons lives, and I could not have survived the experience without her! Many of my friends have now been Nellie's clients, and we all feel the same way. Nellie is completely in tune with a newborn baby's needs, and provides a safe, happy, and organized environment for the baby to thrive in. Nellie also provides equally important support for the mother, who is going through physical recovery from birth an and emotional transition into motherhood. I cannot recommend her more strongly!"


"It is hard to put into words the gratitude my family and I feel towards Nellie Fullerton. She came to live with us and work as our baby nurse after the birth of our first child. Within days, she became part of the family. She has a way about her that makes her instantly familiar and at the same time, entirely unobtrusive. It was wonderful to watch how effortlessly she bonded with our son and how he came to love her. She has an innate ability to soothe a child. My own insecurities were assuaged under her guidance. I quickly learned to care for my son with confidence and ease. Even after Nellie had finished her stay with us, I remained in frequent contact with her and continued to rely on her expertise. In my opinion, Nellie's greatest strengths lie in her ability to translate the language of a newborn and under her tutelage, I learned how to detect and meet my son's needs. Nellie did not only care for my son, but she also cared for me. She made sure I took care of myself, ate well, stayed hydrated, and was well rested. I credit her for both my physical and emotional well-being in the time after my son's birth. Nellie would frequently say that all the babies she had cared for were content and happy, but I believe that is largely due to her effect on the child and their family. If I am blessed with a second child, I will certainly hire Nellie again."