Individualized Support

When looking forward to a newborn child, it is of the utmost importance to stay healthy, paying attention to general nutrition and general hygiene during the pregnancy. Rely on us at Caring Hands Happy Hearts Baby Nurse Agency to guide you through this special time—we even offer daily breakfast preparation and meal tutorials. Nellie prepares at least one healing meal per day to help facilitate proper post-natal recovery and healing, weight loss, and nutrition for baby while breastfeeding. With us, you will gain an understanding of infant feeding and weaning, receive care training for your whole family, and learn proper care techniques for the labor and post-labor process.

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Comprehensive Care Plans

We offer individualized pre and postnatal support geared toward addressing the needs of mother, fetus/newborn, and family members. Our comprehensive care plans are tailored specifically to the needs of each expectant mother and their family members. For example, depending on a client's need, the plan may contain information on:

  • Comforting Techniques
  • Scheduling & Structuring
  • Hygiene Techniques
  • Newborn Motor Development & Developmental Aids
  • Sleeping & Breastfeeding Structure
  • Family Integration
  • Caregiver Support & Training
  • Trained Nurses On-Call
  • Professional, CPR Certified Staff

NOTE: In the event Nellie is booked during your requested period, there are other exceptional & trained nurses available for help.